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myCN uses your PVT login.
Students receive a Columbia State PVT when officially admitted. Employees and faculty receive a Columbia State PVT when hired. PVT passwords are valid for 180 days, so please change your PVT password frequently. If your password has already expired, try to reset your PVT password. If you need additional assistance, contact the helpdesk at 931-540-2650 (Mon. - Fri. 7:45am - 4:15pm).

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 Welcome to myChargerNet at Columbia State
myChargerNet is your online portal to conduct Columbia State business, read and write e-mail, and read campus news that directly affects you. We've also added in some fun stuff and general interest items, for your added convenience and enjoyment. The information presented here is customized specifically for you, putting the "my" in myChargerNet.

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What's Inside?

For Students: Read e-mail, log into Online Campus, register for classes, check grades and financial aid, and catch up on news that affects you.

For Employee: Check pay stub, control budgets and reports, manage benefits and taxes, and read important news that affects you.

For Faculty: Manage class schedules and advising, record attendance and grades, save research bookmarks, and learn more about faculty services.

Technical Notes

The first time you login, myCN may require you to re-enter your password several times, in order to connect with E-mail and Online Campus. This is referred to as Account Synchronization. It will also happen the first time you login after changing your PVT password.

Browser warning! Avoid using the BACK and FORWARD buttons in your browser. A known bug may log you out when using browser direction buttons on the tabbed myCN pages. Simply click on the tab or icon you wish to re-visit, without using back or forward.


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